Hello, I must be going…

This is my first blog post. What the hell am I doing? I don’t have a clue but I dig the Indie Web so I’m doing my own little part in the fight against Enshitification! Be the change you want to see they said..,

Throughout this and future posts, you’ll see contradictions, mistakes and all manner of foolishness. You’ll see me learning in real time as I try to set up independent music releases bypassing major streaming and social media networks by hosting my own social media via ActivityPub and other open source protocols. I’ll be sharing thoughts on self-hosting, music, tech, privacy and whatever piques my interest. I’m no expert on any of these and the workings of the net are a mystery to me. I don’t know the acronyms or jargon and I’m a total n00b using the command line so I’ll mostly be staring blankly at the screen and occasionally rage quitting trying to work it all out but I’ll get there in the end right?

Of one thing I am certain, the internet is OURS! Not g00gle’z, nor Amaz0n’z, or even snappery 4pple’z. It’s an open network which exists for us to share our ideas, our creative endeavors, cat pictures and whatever. And yes the rails might be owned owned by AWS or hard wired through some tech-bro’s butthole but I’m here for Mesh networks, I’m here to bypass ISPs, I here to use the net while tech companies and governments conspire to control the flow of information and generally bring the vibe down. I’m here to do a whole bunch of cool sounding shit I have absolutely no idea how to do.

It’s not that I want free shit (nothing’s really free is it?) but I want to be free online, talk bollocks, learn new things, have nice folks to chat with. I want to earn a fair crust from my work and, if my data really is worth something, I want fucking paying for it! Facetiousness aside, it’s important for me to have a sense of independence and agency online. I think Company Flow said best when stating we’re Independent As Fuck. I might not make it to As Fuck levels but fuck it, I’ll get to where I’m going and that’s cool.

The corporate web is pre-filtered by folks whose intentions I’m not down with. Adding shareholder value doesn’t incentivize ethical behavior or even fun unethical behavior. It incentives dullness and shitcunts. It’s time for something else.

But enough with that negativity. I’m here to have fun!

So what’s new for 24?

I’m working on my first solo release. For years I’ve been a side player or collaborator but I want to see my own ideas reach fruition, something I’ve neglected these past few years. I’ve been lucky to work with some really interesting people and I’ve learned a lot! I’ll be exploring open source platforms and getting to grips with Reaper and I’ll be messing around with machine learning tools like RIP X (pretty sure it’s not AI, despite the marketing but it’s very cool) let’s see what the robots can teach me. I’ll be learning how to sell work direct online, maybe using a value for value model. And finally, I’ll be butchering a guitar, bass and organ. After all these years, I’m actually going to learn and play some music! Don’t worry though, it’ll all be DIY and pretty Lo-Fi. After all, I am not Phil Collins.

There will be new Liotia and Vỏ Sò music as well as more from On U Sound.

Meanwhile, there’s a funny looking fish on TV… I’m off.

Ps. No like buttons were smashed in the production of this post.

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    1. Thanks Leigh! Are you posting this via your Fedi account? If so that’s very cool… I know WordPress supports ActivityPub but haven’t looked into how yet.

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